Laura Wiesmann


What I do

Three main fields

About Me

I studied music at the Hochschule der Künste Bern, principal studies vocals with ECHO JAZZ AWARD winning vocalist Andreas Schaerer and classical vocalist Denise Bregnard. I also took classes with Frank Sikora, Klaus König, Peter Gromer, Django Bates, Dejan Terzic and graduated in June 2013 earning a Bachelors Degree in Arts of Music Jazz (Performance).
Masterclasses I attended include: Steve Coleman and Five Elements, Nils Wogram, Soweto Kinch, Alex Flowers, Rudder and David Fiuczynskis Micro Jam.

I’ve worked with artists such as Kellerkind (CH), Patrick Podage (CH), We love Machines (CH), Cause4Concern (UK), Vinicius Honorio (UK) and Hobbitz (CH). In addition I’ve recorded backing vocals for several bands. In 2008 I was on tour with the Swiss rapper Bligg. In the summer of 2015 I had the opportunity to play with Kaiser & Dimitri (formerly known as Hobbitz) at a few of the biggest festivals in Switzerland: Gurtenfestival Bern, Open Air Frauenfeld and Open Air Royal Arena and others.

Read about my musical influences

Since my mother is greek and my parents had a

Growing up I was around traditional greek folk music was introduced to me by my greek mother. The oriental sound with it’s quarter- and eightnotes. The use of odd meters as part of the tradition. And especially their style of singing. The very distinct ornamentation in singin melodies and the use of their natural voice.

As girl I got into listening to Rap, Neo Soul and RnB through my brothers. Around the age of twelve I started to check out my parents Vinyl collection and found old records of Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles that I played on repeat for years. Listening to this music taught me a certain way of phrasing, paying attention to flow, microtime and groove in general. Other artists that influenced me are: D’Angelo, Angie Stone, Destiny’s Child, Lauryn Hill, Eva Cassidy, Busta Rhymes, Mystikal

In my early twenties I started getting into electronic music and started working with different producers.


Pedrillow – Electronica

D.I.Y.A. – Acoustic Soul

Wiesage – Deep House



Flake – Electro Pop

JONES – Soul

Brothertunes – Soulful Pop

Other references

Studio work/backingvocals

  • Traktorkestar
  • Flake
  • Kaiser & Dimitri
  • Männer am Meer
  • Bligg